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The Clock

One day I noticed that my bedside clock had stopped, so I checked on it and realized that the battery had run out.

I reached out to a new battery and changed the old one. I saw the second's hand was moving, it had started working and I was happy!

As I was in this process of changing batteries I observed something strange. I began to ask myself , where did I focus to make sure that the clock is not functioning? And where did I focus to know that it was working?

Two questions and both have the same answer.

I had focused on the second's hand,which is the busiest hand, yet most of the times it seems so insignificant

When we look at the clock to see the time we focus on the hour's hand and the minute's hand but surely not on the second's hand.The busiest and yet so insignificant. But when the clock stops all our focus goes to this insignificant hand.

This is life.....

We do the same everywhere, at home, at work, in society, and even the country

When everything goes on well, we fail to focus on the people/things that play the small role, they are probably the busiest and actually responsible for the bigger picture that has been important to us.

Maybe at home our parents, children or spouse who keep themselves busy yet seem insignificant in the larger scheme of things.In the office, these may be the busiest yet seemingly insignificant workers ,In the country, the common people who keep themselves busy yet insignificant, maybe the farmers, laborers etc.

When things stop then insignificant becomes significant, as seemingly significant becomes insignificant.

All the power, position, and authority will lose its significance when insignificant stops functioning

What a learning from the clock!

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