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Book an appointment with one of our NLP  Master practitioners to talk about your anxiety, stress, boredom, frustration, or any other problem you are facing, we are here to guide you and help you overcome it with confidence. 

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All our workshops are conducted on Zoom.

Workshops are open to everyone.

No prior NLP certification required. 

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Experience the magical world of awareness and a new way of life by unleashing the powers of your mind, thus growing to feel resourceful, confident, positive, and motivated to achieve your goals. 

Exordia is a group of skilled professionals who come from different fields of excellence and work collectively to enhance the lives of various individuals around them. At Exordia, NLP has been one of the key tools in training and counseling and we have been working continuously to create a customised module for individuals and teams to enhance their living, keeping in mind our aim of creating healthier minds for a joyful living. 

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Neuro Linguistic Programing


NLP is a simple skillful method to explore what goes on inside a person ( subjective experience). It studies how the brain works, how people think, feel, learn, motivate themselves, interact with others, make choices and achieve realistic goals. Following the best, most recent, methods of learning, NLP is an experiential study that leads its students to concepts through exercises. 

 NLP's objective is to increase the behavioural choices available to us. In a very concrete way the goal of NLP is awareness.


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Goal setting course was very helpful for me. Specially when I'm searching for what to do. Writing down gave me self awareness. The experience I got on the last day of the session was  very insightful. Now with clarity I am able to work on my goals

Vivian Lobo

Effective workshops that bring about a practical change of your choice. Self development along with attributes and skills one may easily oversee in themselves. Invest in yourself, it is the most rewarding experience that will lead to changes all around you. Thank you to the entire team for facilitating and creating an adaptive and plausible solution during this pandemic.


The online sessions were fulled with energy and I'm sure of it making a huge impact in my daily life and my long term personal and professional life.

It's a sure thing that I will be recommending the workshops to many of my friends. 


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