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NLP Master Practitioner

In the NLP practitioner course, we learned that changes happen at the submodality level. This is the reason why we chunk down each modality to submodalities. 

When a disturbing event is chunked down, the disturbance reduces and when a happy event is chunked down the happiness gets enhanced. This method helps us to enhance the desired state to the optimum and use is to make an unwanted state less attractive- this technique is used in habit-changing skill SWISH.

NLP Master Practitioner course helps you to become an NLP therapist enabling you to help  and transform the lives of people. 

The following contents will be covered in the Master Practitioner Course.

  • Understanding submodality distinctions. 

  • SWISH technique to overcome an unwanted behavior or habit or addiction. 

  • Belief change process with Trans Derivational Search to identify the limiting beliefs. 

  • Timeline concepts

  • Past Time Line 

  • Parental Time Line.

  • Future Time Line. 

  • Core Transformation Technique. 

  • Quick Phobia Cure.

  • Criticism Strategy. 

  • Dynamic Spin.


 This course helps a participant to become competent in  NLP tools and techniques. 

The Master Practitioner Course spreads over 10 days covering around 100 hours (80 hours of training with theory, supervised practicals, and 20 hours of practice with assignments. )

The Next NLP Master Practitioner is will be held in 2025,in Bangalore, please email us if you are interested

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