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Leo Lobo 
Founder and CEO

An NLP Master Practitioner and Master Trainer,  Leo Lobo has more than three decades of experience. He has been working with people in their quest for a better life through improving self-awareness and communication. He was trained and mentored by Dr. Richard McHugh for over 15 years and has recently completed his Master Trainer and Entrepreneurship certification under Robert Dilts (NLPU)

He is also a certified counselor and has been trained in Gestalt Therapy and Photo Language.

He was nominated as a finalist in the field of teaching at the annual NLP awards, 2019.

Meet The Team


NLP Master Trainer and Practitioner


NLP Trainer and Practitioner


Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Trainer 


Shriya Sikchi

Director of Marketing

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NLP Trainer and Practitioner


NLP Trainer and Practitioner and Doctor in Public Health


NLP Trainer and Practitioner

Dr. Stephen Titus is a NLP Master Trainer trained and mentored by Dr. Richard McHugh, and involved with NLP conducting workshops throughout India and abroad. He is also trained in Transactional analysis and counseling. As a trainer he is known for his humor and processing skills.

Being the HOD of the Math department in his college, he teaches his students to learn math with his humor and NLP skills. 

Stephen Titus

Dr. Stephen Titus 


Amit Goswamy

An entrepreneur-turned trainer and counselor, Dr. Goswami has over a decade’s experience in helping people overcome self-limiting beliefs, and supporting their needs to maximize potential in their chosen fields. He trained with Dr. Richard P. McHugh and Prof. Leo Lobo in NLP and Gestalt Therapy and also holds a certificate in the Ericksonian Hypnotherapy program. Dr. Goswami represents Exordia in the northern states of India.


An Engineer and an MBA. After working for 9 years in organisatons like Modi Xerox, Hutchison Max Telecom, Wipro GE Medical Systems and Infosys, he became an entrepreneur in 2002. He is a Coach and Consultant now.

Saurav learnt NLP from Dr. Dick McHugh, Dr. Cynthia Gonsalves, Prof. Leo Lobo and Prof. Steve Titus in 2011 and has been an active practitioner ever since. He uses NLP in his workshops and coaching sessions. He has been coaching and training entrepreneurs, senior corporate leaders, executives and

even students. He has trained more than 12000 participants from more than 50 organisations. He has conducted more than 1500 workshop for clients across industries. His areas of expertise are in developing Entrepreneurship Mindset and Leadership Mindset

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Saurav R Mohanty

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Chrisma Lobo


Meet Chrisma, a confident, bold, and creative individual with a mission to support people in their quest for emotionally fulfilling and enriching lives. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Gestalt therapist and counselor, having learned from renowned experts in the field.

Chrisma is currently delivering programs for corporate employees, managers, students, and teachers, utilizing her expertise in NLP and Gestalt Therapy to help others achieve their goals.


Dr. Pawnesh


An ardent learner and enthusiastic leader, Dr. Pawnesh is a medical doctor with specialization in public health. 

He was introduced into NLP by Dr. Richard McHugh in 2003 and has been involved in NLP training ever since. 

His workshops are known for his energy, wit and humour. These workshops are amalgamation of his rich understanding of the brain functioning and strategies he has learnt to overcome his own challenges in learning.

His vision is to bring kindergarden joy of learning and creativity back in the classroom and schools in order to ensure that the students not only achieve better results but also be happier and more fulfilled. 

After completing her Masters in Nursing, she started her career with teaching in a Nursing colleges.  

She has always been enticed by the field of medicine and this pushed her towards learning Neuro Linguistic Programing. 

Now a master practitioner, Sharal uses her NLP skills in assisting with child development and parenting. 


Sharal Lobo

Sharal Lobo
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