Exordia's Online Workshop

Empowering Teachers

This online program is packed with simple NLP skills to help teachers grow and encourage them to face their day to day challenges with the magical tools of NLP.


  • Learn how to Handle Stress.  

  •  Learn to enhance communication.

  •  Learn the art of mind-body connection.

  •  Learn the impact of words on students and others.

Goal Setting with NLP

Learn simple NLP techniques to help align your unconscious and conscious mind to work towards achieving your future goals.


  • Learn to gather your strengths to work towards your goals.

  • Become aware of the resources within you.

  • Learn the 5 steps to effective goal setting.

  • Create a blueprint for your life.

Positivity and wellbeing 

Investing in your mental health is the best gift you can give yourself


  • Enhance your emotional well-being by programming your mind.

  • Learn to change your negative energy to positive energy.

  • Learn how to enhance positivity in a disturbed environment. 

Parenting with ease

In these times of crisis parenthood now seems to more difficult than we had imagined. Keeping this in mind, Exordia has designed this workshop that caters to parents to help them cope with the situation at hand, while also taking care of their children. 


  • Learn to handle the boredom and irritation among your children.

  • Learn to use the lockdown time to create stronger bonds with your kids. 

  • Learn creative NLP techniques that will help you handle your kids better without losing your cool .

Self Development

The only person YOU are destined to become is the person you DECIDE to be. 


  • Understand how behavior can be changed by changing your thoughts.

  • Become sharper and confident.

  •  Motivate yourself and others.

  •  Understand how to be healthy and happy using the power of thoughts. 

  • Enhance sharpness and capability of your mind