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What skills will I learn as an NLP Practitioner?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP can be described as a tool that you can use to achieve your goals or dreams.

It is a simple skillful method to understand what goes on inside a person's mind. It studies how a brain works, how people think, feel, learn and motivate themselves, make choices and achieve realistic goals. Furthermore, NLP is an experiential study that leads its students to concepts through exercises.

The objective of NLP is to increase the behavioral choices available to us.

In a very concrete way, the goal of NLP is awareness.

The NLP practitioner program which is hosted by Exordia LLP is designed in a way that would help individuals from different fields to be benefited equally.

This workshop is recommended for everyone who is interested to elevate their life with an extra skillset.

The skills that you will learn as an NLP Practitioner are :
  1. Sensory Acuity-Get a deeper understanding of how your senses play different roles in achieving awareness

  2. Modeling - Observing and understanding how a person or animal or object thinks, feels, or moves and selectively applying all the characteristics to our lives to become our excellent selves.

  3. Communication - Simplifying and breaking down to understand the true meaning of communication and the various styles and methods an individual communicates with.

  4. Well-formed outcomes- How to correctly create individual or company goals so that you are unconsciously motivated from within.

  5. Meta Model - An explicit set of information gathering tools designed to reconnect a person's language to the experience represented by his language.

  6. Calibration - Paying attention to the external manifestations of a person's internal response.

  7. Pacing and Leading: understand the unconscious way of creating a rapport for better and meaningful interaction.

  8. Anchoring: Learning the method of triggering a resourceful state at will.

  9. Changing Personal History: As history repeats, learn to use methods to change patterns in a person to overcome a non-resourceful state.

  10. New Behaviour Generator: Making the behaviour that makes a difference as your own.

  11. Positive Intention: Understanding the positive intentions behind every behaviour and applying the technique to create a better version of self.

  12. V-K Dissociation: A powerful technique to overcome traumatic events which may have alienated us, thereby helping us and bounce back to life.

  13. Re-Framing: Learning a multifunctional technique that makes our life healthy and joyful building connections.

  14. Visual Squash: This is an unconscious alignment technique that helps to resolve the conflicts within us, helping us to decide and move forward with life.

  15. Circle of Excellence: Creating a high resourceful state within to carry on with challenging situations.

  16. Sponsoring: to build one another by affirmations.

  17. Mind-Body Connection: Impact of thoughts on body and health.

Exordia believes in helping each individual understand the concepts in depth. Therefore our workshops are designed to allow sufficient time for our students to practice all the techniques under guidance.

As an NLP practitioner, you will be able to apply the learned techniques to different parts of your life and be able to discover an elevated way of living.

To know more details about the course visit: NLP Practitioner

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