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Our Programs

The team Exordia, conducts a number of open programs for various persons of different age groups to experience NLP.  

The NLP Lab

A 3 day residential or non residential workshop designed to help build dynamic all round awareness of self , people and the environment. This Program enables a powerful sense of being and creating new pathways of convergence and excellence . Provides an opportunity for participants to draw upon their own experiences and from others and thereby integrating these experiences using NLP techniques.

Confidence Building Through NLP

A One Day Workshop of learning and fun, where you can enrich yourself with the tools of  Neuro Linguistic Programing, to build on your confidence, to face your challenges of tomorrow.

 The participants get an insights into their deepest thought patterns and responses to situations and circumstances. Armed with this awareness, they march forward to generate behavior options that help them feel confident.


Teenagers today are highly skilled in using technology and have a lot of potential to create something new. However there lurks a fear of failure in communicating these ideas to others and thus end up holding back.

Through the workshop,  become equipped with knowledge on how to express ideas and thoughts confidently by focusing on your goals without any distractions, thus creating a wonderful, vibrant and value based society along with your peers.

You can experience and spread the change that you want to see in the world outside

Enriching Health through NLP

A one day program is designed to understand the power of mind in living a healthy life. 

This will also give you a clue on how the language and metaphors that we use which disturbs the equilibrium in the body.

This awareness and the techniques of NLP can be used to establish health through altering the beliefs leading to diseases.

Health is our decision and this programme will help you make that decision

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