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What If... ?

My mind was racing at a thousand miles an hour,

WHAT IF...' was the prominent question in my mind.

What if things go wrong tomorrow?

What if someone in the team screws up?

What if my work does not go as per schedule? What would it do to my morale and reputation?

'WHAT IF... '

If you have been in the same position as me, I'm sure you understand that this feeling and these thoughts never stop.

But something shifted inside me when I asked myself a different question.

'For what purpose did I choose to do it?

What is essential about this task?'

It is essential because it is part of my job, this was the first answer that came to me, I smiled and thought of the pride, satisfaction, and livelihood that my job brings to me and this time there was something deeper, it would also bring joy and ease in peoples lives. When I thought about this, the images of people who would benefit from my work flashed in my mind. My thoughts were now flowing with positivity, I thought of the different ways my task would bring teamwork and collaboration into action, both of which are very important to me.

It felt amazing to experience the shift inside me. I expanded my focus from "What if.. " to "For what purpose am I doing this?", and even though the situation outside was the same, it seemed different to me and I was easily able to handle all that needed to be handled.

Always remember, it is the QUESTIONS that you ask that make all difference between the task and results.

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