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Are you often hearing other people's opinions about you?

I always wanted to have fringes but would never dare to go for that hair cut.

This time, however before cutting my hair I thought to myself, 'Let me try something different like those fringes that I've always wanted and mustered up some courage to go for it. Whether good or bad I know my hair will grow.

I had a fringe haircut and of course!!!... I looked different

My friends and family who saw me gave me their opinions, some were positive and some were negative.

Everyone has an opinion, and quite often people enjoy sharing (or forcing) their opinions with others. However, these opinions are based on their own experiences and their own observations of the world. It is easy for us to get carried away with others' opinions.

What matters the most to us? Others opinion about me? or my own opinion about myself?

Others do not know me as much as I know myself. Thus their opinion will never be precise as mine.

It is difficult to get out of our comfort zone and do something different. And even if I do it, am I responsible for my action?

When I believe in myself, I will be able to take charge of my life, and then things will fall in place.

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