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Living in the Present

It has been raining in Bangalore for a week now and the wet weather is now the focus of our attention. The cold temperatures have brought out our sweaters, mufflers, and other warm clothing. It is also the season where many people choose to stay in the cozy comfort of their houses and don't dare to venture out. I even kept my morning walks on halt for a bit

This morning I saw a sign of a brighter day, even though the weather app predicted the thunderstorm, so I decided to resume my morning walk.

Due to rains, the wet ground was making it difficult for me to walk. As I was walking, I met around ten people mostly acquaintances, who had one common thing to say and that was, " This rain is ruining our days, it's so cold to do anything. "

My memories came alive. These are the same people who were complaining about the scorching sun during summer.

This kept my thoughts brewing.

Do we really enjoy anything in the present ?

Are we all wired in such a way to look at the pain rather than the pleasure? Hurdles rather than freedom?

Or is it that we find the value of the sun when it is behind the rainy clouds? Or is it that we desire rain when it is absent in the scorching heat of the summer ?

May be this is what we do. We look for something that we don't have and miss enjoying whatever we have.

But remember once we start enjoying whatever we have, our focus will no longer be on the things we don't have .

This is true even with people , our parents, our family members,0ur neighbors, our teachers. The Pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons.

So let's enjoy it when it rains, and also enjoy the time when the sun shines.

That is called living in the present.


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