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The Drizzle in my Life

It was dawn and I had just finished tying the laces of my shoes and I was ready to go out for my morning walk.

In the silence of the morning, I heard an occasional dog bark and somewhere a cock crowed as if to say that it has succeeded in waking up the world with its alarm.

The birds started singing their songs to praise their creator.

The ground was wet as there was an intermittent drizzle.

Whether to go for the walk or not I was conflicted.

I stretched my hand to ascertain the strength of the drizzle. It was soft and microscopic.

My conflict gave rise to many questions.

-What if it rains?

-What if I'm caught in the rain? -What if I get drenched?

-What if I fall sick?

and then I started to become curious. My mind never gave me questions like... -What if it stops drizzling? -What if the sun comes out bright after some time? -What if I complete my walk with energy? etc...etc.

I decided instantly to walk.

There were hardly any people on the road. I started to think that probably it was the first set of questions that kept them indoors.

There was this foolish drizzle and it did not succeed in drenching me because every drop falling on my body got evaporated by the heat. I was happy that I finished the walk.

Thoughts in my mind kept me reflecting. How often have I given the power to the first set of questions? Questions Like ... -What if I don't succeed? -What if I don't get the support? -What if I stop in between? ...and then stopped doing whatever I wanted by giving power to the drizzles in my life.

Are you giving power to the drizzles in your life?

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1 Comment

Farita Viegas
Farita Viegas
Oct 30, 2020

well put ....the first set of questions usually are quick to surface ...thought to reflect on

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