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What can we learn from FACE MASKS?

During this pandemic, it is mandatory to wear a face mask (to cover our mouth and nose).

So, in some places, huge fines are imposed on people who break this rule.

What is the purpose of wearing the mask?

All of us know the answer. The mask helps to prevent the harmful virus from going out of the person while talking or sneezing (if they are infected) and it protects us from the harmful virus entering our body from the infected person.

You might ask, what's the big deal? All of us know this.

Yes! That's true, many of us are aware of this knowledge and I am sure that every small child is aware of this too. But, can we learn something from the face mask?

My question today is, can we use a psychological mask?

According to me to the answer is YES.

If we wear a psychological mask then we can:

-PREVENT all the harmful words, negativity, racial remarks, demeaning sarcasm, abuses, or belittling criticism going out through our mouth.

-PROTECT ourselves from all that baseless criticism, belittlement, abusive words coming into our system from others.

Just like the way a physical helps in preventing and protecting. This will surely help us to protect from all the harmful words, actions, interpretations, baseless criticisms, and keep us mentally healthy.

This is the process of DISSOCIATION.

A good mask not only stops the virus but allows the air which is needed for the functioning of the body. In the same way, a good psychological mask allows good words, logical communications, affirmations, healthy criticisms, etc to pass through which are helpful for the growth of the person.

These masks will improve our mental wellness and enable us to build and strengthen our minds making it healthy.

A healthy mind will lead us to joyful living by building and strengthening our relationships.

So are you ready to start wearing your psychological masks? Not only during this pandemic but all through your life.


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