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Finding Your Psychological Face Mask

In my previous post, I explained how it is essential for all of us to put on our psychological face mask as it helps in protecting us from outside negativity and prevents us to speak negatively towards others.

The obvious question one would ask is, " WHERE and HOW can I find this psychological mask?"

It is true that you can find a physical mask over the counter in any shop, but you surely cannot find a psychological mask to purchase.

Then where can you find it. ?

The only place where you can find it is...WITHIN YOU and awareness will lead you there.

Now that you know where to find it, let us focus on 'how to find your psychological mask?'

The following 2 steps helped me find my psychological mask and I am positive that if you understand and practice these steps, you will definitely find it.

1. Chunk Down

Breaking down a whole experience into small chunks

When we go through painful experiences, we see it is as a gigantic whole and sometimes it causes us to get overwhelmed and get crushed by those experiences. It is during times like these, we need to look at the small pieces or chunks of the experience, and when we begin to do this, the negative feelings that are attached to the whole experience get reduced thus helping us to feel and become resourceful in handling our negative emotions.

One day a middle-aged man came to me for help. He was really confused, angry, and helpless. He told me that he is having a big family problem. He continued stating that he has no support from his wife, his children were not studying properly, he was stressed and the list kept growing.

After listening to him, I asked him to chunk down the 'big family problem.' I made him focus on one part of the problem. He said he would like to focus on his children. Then I asked him to focus on one child and asked him, what about that child was the problem? ...this made him chunk down the big whole into small pieces. As he did that, I began to notice that he was feeling relaxed and this simple process of chunking down helped him to find solutions within himself.

Keep in mind that the reverse happens when we chunk down positive experiences. It really enhances happiness. For example, take a pleasant experience and see each and every detail. You will experience positive feelings at a deeper level.

So when you chunk down a negative experience, the negative feeling diminishes, and when you chunk down the positive experience positive feelings enhance.

2. Dissociate.

Dissociation is a process of objectively seeing an experience from an oversee perspective. When we do that we do not get involved with the experience.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP) gives us various methods to dissociate. A simple technique that you can try would be to SEE the experience in the third person point of view.

To learn and experience the other dissociation techniques you can always reach out to me for help...

Dissociation helps us to objectify the experience and we get clarity as we are not involved with emotions.

Dissociation also helps us handle criticism objectively.

So now you know where and how to find your psychological mask, start wearing it and make your mind strong and life joyful


Thank you for reading my blog.

If any of you need any further assistance and are struggling to dissociate please do reach out to us.

Our email Id is or call /WhatsApp us at +91 8217489883

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